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Independent Insurance Brokers Marketing Plan


A marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of skills and tasks, and a free marketing plan is just the starting point for a conversation about how a professional team can help you tackle

them all or piece by piece.



  • Digital Marketing

    • Email Marketing

      • Newsletter Campaign

      • Drip Campaign

    • Content Marketing

      • Blogs

      • Video Podcasts

    • Social Media Promotion

    • Website Management

      • Website Redesign

      • SEO

    • Paid Media Campaign

    • Geo-fencing Campaign

  • Community Engagement

    • Referral Program Campaign

    • Community Building Campaign

      • Hosting Events

    • Partnership and Collaboration Campaign

  • Reputation Management

    • Review Management Campaign

    • PR Campaigns

  • Branding

    • Logo

    • Color Scheme

    • Tone

    • Tagline

    • Story

  • Tools and Analytics

    • Marketing Tools

    • Marketing Calendar

    • Analytics

  • 12-month Marketing Calendar



Fasten your seatbelts, because this marketing plan is about to propel Secure Horizons on a journey of expansion and triumph. From public relations initiatives to service rollouts and social media maneuvers, this plan is chock-full with concrete and tailored tactics that will enable you to distinguish yourself in the insurance industry and attract new clients. So don't just graze the surface, delve deep and uncover the pearls that will elevate your brokerage to the next tier. Trust us, the final outcome will be a secure investment!


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of your online presence. It's how you reach out to potential clients and say, "Secure Horizons is here to help you navigate your insurance needs." Let's delve into the different aspects of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

Introduction: Email marketing is your digital messenger, delivering tailored messages directly to your clients' inboxes. It's an effective way to keep them informed about insurance trends, policy updates, and special promotions.

Example: Sending a monthly newsletter to your clients featuring insurance tips, industry news, and a spotlight on a specific type of insurance.


  • "Secure Horizons: Your Guide to Understanding Homeowner's Insurance"

  • "Stay Informed: The Latest Trends in Health Insurance"

  • "Secure Horizons Special: Understanding Auto Insurance Discounts"

  • "Get Prepared: Why You Should Consider Life Insurance"

  • "Secure Horizons: Your Guide to Commercial Insurance for Small Businesses"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more automation in email marketing, with AI helping to personalize emails based on individual client needs and preferences.

Content Marketing

Introduction: Content marketing is about providing value to your clients. It's how you share useful information, answer common questions, and position Secure Horizons as a trusted expert in the insurance industry.

Example: Writing a blog post about the top factors to consider when choosing a health insurance plan.


  • "Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan"

  • "Understanding the Different Types of Auto Insurance Coverage"

  • "Why Renters Insurance is a Must-Have for Apartment Living"

  • "The Role of Life Insurance in Your Financial Plan"

  • "How Commercial Insurance Protects Your Small Business"

Future Trends: Looking ahead, we might see more interactive content, such as webinars or live Q&A sessions, where clients can get their insurance questions answered in real-time.

Social Media Promotion

Introduction: Social media is the digital town square. It's where you can engage with your clients, share updates, and showcase the human side of Secure Horizons.

Example: Posting a "Tip Tuesday" post on Facebook, sharing a quick tip about auto insurance.


  • "Tip Tuesday: Did you know safe drivers may be eligible for a discount on their auto insurance? #InsuranceTips"

  • "Meet our team: Say hello to John, one of our dedicated insurance agents! #TeamSpotlight"

  • "Did you know? Homeowner's insurance can cover more than just your home. #InsuranceFacts"

  • "We're here to help you navigate your insurance needs. Contact us today for a free consultation! #SecureHorizons"

  • "Thank you to our clients for trusting us with your insurance needs! #ClientAppreciation"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more use of video content on social media, with short, informative videos explaining different aspects of insurance.


Community Engagement

Community engagement is about building relationships. It's how Secure Horizons becomes more than just an insurance brokerage - it becomes a trusted part of the community. This involves strategies like referral programs, community building campaigns, and partnership and collaboration campaigns.

Referral Program Campaign

Introduction: A referral program is like a friendship chain - it's how your clients bring their friends to Secure Horizons, and those friends bring their friends. It's a great way to grow your client base organically.

Example: Offering a discount on their next policy renewal to any client who refers a friend to Secure Horizons.


  • "Refer a friend to Secure Horizons and get a discount on your next policy renewal!"

  • "Share the peace of mind - refer a friend to Secure Horizons and earn rewards!"

  • "Your friend's first consultation is on us when you refer them to Secure Horizons!"

  • "Get a free policy review when you refer a friend to Secure Horizons!"

  • "Earn loyalty points for every friend you refer to Secure Horizons!"

Future Trends: In the future, referral programs might become more sophisticated, with businesses offering personalized rewards based on client preference

Community Building Campaign

Introduction: Community building campaigns are how Secure Horizons becomes a hub of the community. It's about hosting events and activities that bring people together.

Example: Hosting a free seminar on "Understanding Your Insurance Needs" at your office.


  • "Join us for a free seminar on 'Understanding Your Insurance Needs' at Secure Horizons!"

  • "Celebrate National Insurance Awareness Day with us at Secure Horizons - free policy reviews for all clients!"

  • "Join our insurance Q&A session at Secure Horizons and get your questions answered by our experts!"

  • "Meet the team behind your insurance coverage at our 'Meet the Agents' event at Secure Horizons!"

  • "Join us for 'Insurance and Coffee' - a community meetup at Secure Horizons!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more virtual events, allowing clients to join in from the comfort of their homes.

Partnership and Collaboration Campaign

Introduction: Partnership and collaboration campaigns are about joining forces with other local businesses or organizations. It's a great way to support each other and reach a wider audience.

Example: Partnering with a local car dealership to offer a special insurance discount for anyone who purchases a new car.


  • "Buy a new car at [Local Dealership] and get a special discount on your auto insurance at Secure Horizons!"

  • "Secure Horizons is proud to partner with [Local Charity] for our annual charity event!"

  • "Celebrate [Local Event] with us at Secure Horizons and enjoy special insurance discounts!"

  • "We're proud to collaborate with [Local Business] to offer exclusive benefits for our clients!"

  • "Secure Horizons is here to support our local community. Check out our partnerships with local businesses!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more cross-promotion and collaboration between businesses on digital platforms.


Reputation Management & Awareness

Reputation management is about maintaining a positive image of Secure Horizons in the public eye. This involves strategies like review management campaigns and PR campaigns.

Review Management Campaign

Introduction: Review management is about encouraging satisfied clients to share their positive experiences and addressing any negative feedback in a constructive way.

Example: Responding to a negative review on Google with an apology and an offer to make things right.


  • "Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience and would like to make it right."

  • "We appreciate your positive review! We're glad you enjoyed our service at Secure Horizons."

  • "Your feedback helps us improve. We'll take your comments into consideration."

  • "Thank you for your kind words! We look forward to serving you again soon."

  • "We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We strive to provide the best experience for our clients."

Future Trends: In the future, businesses might use AI to help manage reviews, automatically responding to simple feedback and flagging more serious issues for human attention.

PR Campaigns

Introduction: PR campaigns are about spreading the word about Secure Horizons and its initiatives. This could involve press releases, media events, or community outreach.

Example: Hosting a free insurance seminar and inviting local media to cover it.


  • "Secure Horizons Hosts Free Insurance Seminar"

  • "Local Insurance Brokerage Secure Horizons Launches New Community Initiative"

  • "Secure Horizons Celebrates One Year in Business with Community Event"

  • "Meet the Team Behind Secure Horizons"

  • "Secure Horizons Introduces New Line of Comprehensive Insurance Policies"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more virtual PR events, allowing people to participate from anywhere in the world.



Branding is about creating a unique identity for Secure Horizons that sets it apart from other insurance brokerages. This involves everything from your logo and color scheme to the tone of voice in your communications.

  • Logo: Your logo should convey a sense of security and trust. Consider a design that incorporates symbols of protection, like a shield or a safe. The logo should be clean, professional, and adaptable to various sizes and contexts.

  • Color Scheme: The color scheme should evoke feelings of reliability and assurance. Consider classic, conservative colors like blues and grays, accented with a bold color like red for contrast.

  • Tone of Voice: Your communications should reflect the professional, knowledgeable nature of your brokerage. Use clear, concise language in your social media posts, emails, and website copy.

  • Tagline: A memorable tagline can help reinforce your brand identity. Something like "Secure Horizons: Your Future, Protected" could work well.

  • Brand Story: Your brand story is an opportunity to share the mission and values behind your brokerage. This could include the story of why you started Secure Horizons, your commitment to customer service, or the expertise of your team.


Tools and Analytics

Tools and analytics are your compass in the world of marketing. They help you understand where your efforts are paying off and where you need to improve.

Marketing Tools

Introduction: Marketing tools are the software and platforms that help you implement and manage your marketing strategies.

Example: Using a social media management tool like Hootsuite to schedule posts and monitor engagement.


  • "Use Hootsuite to manage social media posts and engagement"

  • "Use Mailchimp to manage email marketing campaigns"

  • "Use Google Analytics to track website traffic and user behavior"

  • "Use Canva to create professional graphics for social media and email marketing"

  • "Use Moz for SEO and online reputation management"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more integrated marketing platforms that combine multiple tools in one, making it easier to manage all aspects of marketing in one place.


Introduction: Analytics is about measuring the success of your marketing efforts and using that data to make informed decisions.

Example: Using Google Analytics to see which pages on your website are most popular and where your traffic is coming from.


  1. "Use Google Analytics to track website performance"

  2. "Use social media analytics to see which posts are most engaging"

  3. "Use email marketing analytics to see which emails have the highest open and click-through rates"

  4. "Use customer feedback to inform product development and marketing strategies"

  5. "Use sales data to see which policies are most popular and when people are most likely to buy"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more predictive analytics, with AI helping to predict future trends and customer behavior based on current data.

Marketing Calendar (full calendar below!)

Introduction: A marketing calendar is a schedule of your marketing activities, helping you plan ahead and ensure that all your campaigns are coordinated.

Example: Planning out a month's worth of social media posts in advance.


  • "Plan social media posts for the next month"

  • "Schedule email marketing campaigns around key dates and events"

  • "Coordinate PR campaigns with communityevents and initiatives"

  • "Schedule updates and new content for the website"

  • "Plan out any seasonal or promotional campaigns in advance"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more use of AI in marketing calendars, with algorithms suggesting optimal times for campaigns based on past performance and industry trends.


12-Month Marketing Calendar


  1. Launch referral program

  2. Update website with new blog post

  3. Host a New Year insurance seminar


  1. Launch Valentine's Day email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Love Your Coverage" event

  3. Collaborate with a local business for a Valentine's Day promotion


  1. Start a "Spring Cleaning Your Policies" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "Understanding Homeowner's Insurance"

  3. Host an insurance Q&A session


  1. Launch a "National Financial Literacy Month" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Understanding Your Insurance Needs" seminar

  3. Collaborate with a local financial advisor for a financial literacy event


  1. Start a "National Insurance Awareness Day" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "The Importance of Life Insurance"

  3. Host an insurance awareness event


  1. Launch a "Summer Safety" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Safe Summer" community event

  3. Collaborate with a local pool or beach club for a summer safety promotion


  1. Start a "Beat the Heat: Insuring Your Home Against Summer Risks" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "How to Protect Your Home in Summer"

  3. Host a "Summer Home Safety" seminar


  1. Launch a "Back to School: Understanding Student Insurance Needs" email marketing marketing campaign is to be proactive, responsive, and genuine in your interactions. Good luck!

  2. Host a "Back to School Insurance Q&A" event

  3. Collaborate with a local school or college for a back-to-school promotion


  1. Start a "Fall into Safety: Preparing Your Home for Fall" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "The Importance of Auto Insurance"

  3. Host a "Fall Home Preparation" seminar


  1. Launch a "National Fire Prevention Month" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Fire Safety and Insurance" community event

  3. Collaborate with a local fire department for a fire prevention event


  1. Start a "Thankful for Coverage: Understanding Your Health Insurance" social media Insurance Q&A" session


  1. Launch a "Holiday Safety" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Holiday Home Safety" seminar

  3. promotion

  4. Update website with a blog post on "Navigating Your Health Insurance"

  5. Host a "Health

  6. Collaborate with a local business for a holiday safety promotion

This 12-month calendar provides a roadmap for your marketing activities throughout the year, ensuring that you're consistently engaging with your clients and community. Remember, the key to successful.


Secure Horizons is charting a course towards success with its innovative approach to providing comprehensive insurance solutions. By developing a user-friendly website, engaging in community outreach campaigns, creating valuable content, leveraging paid media, and utilizing digital tools and apps, Secure Horizons can continue to expand its client base and cultivate stronger relationships with existing clients. Equipped with Secure Horizons' suite of strategies and tools, it's ready to tackle any challenge and ensure that clients can focus on their lives, while leaving the complexities of insurance to the experts. So, let's raise a toast to the future of insurance brokerage and Secure Horizons' role in safeguarding it!

Josh & Dean are just a call, email, or text away! (610-739-9991) (602-633-4321)

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