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Coffee Shop Marketing Plan


A marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of skills and tasks, and a free marketing plan is just the starting point for a conversation about how a professional team can help you tackle

them all or piece by piece.



  • Digital Marketing

    • Email Marketing

      • Newsletter Campaign

      • Drip Campaign

    • Content Marketing

      • Blogs

      • Video Podcasts

    • Social Media Promotion

    • Website Management

      • Website Redesign

      • SEO

    • Paid Media Campaign

    • Geo-fencing Campaign

  • Community Engagement

    • Referral Program Campaign

    • Community Building Campaign

      • Hosting Events

    • Partnership and Collaboration Campaign

  • Reputation Management

    • Review Management Campaign

    • PR Campaigns

  • Branding

    • Logo

    • Color Scheme

    • Tone

    • Tagline

    • Story

  • Tools and Analytics

    • Marketing Tools

    • Marketing Calendar

    • Analytics

  • 12-month Marketing Calendar



Let's imagine we're creating a plan for a fictional coffee shop named "Brewed Awakenings."

Buckle up, because this marketing plan is set to brew up a storm of progress and prosperity for Brewed Awakenings. From community engagement to digital marketing and social media initiatives, this plan is brimming with practical and targeted strategies that will help you carve out a unique space in the coffee industry and draw in new patrons. So don't just sip at the surface, plunge into the rich depths and unearth the treasures that will elevate your coffee shop to new heights. Believe us, the final outcome will be a blend worth savoring!


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is your online megaphone. It's how you reach out to the world and say, "Hey, we're Brewed Awakenings, and we make fantastic coffee!" Let's dive into the different aspects of digital marketing.

Email Marketing

  1. Introduction: Think of email marketing as your digital postman, delivering personalized messages straight to your customers' inboxes. It's a great way to keep them updated about new coffee blends, special promotions, and upcoming events at Brewed Awakenings.

  2. Example: For instance, you could send a weekly newsletter to your customers featuring a "Coffee of the Week," upcoming events, and a barista's tip for brewing the perfect cup at home.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Meet our Coffee of the Week: The Awakening Blend!"

    2. "Brewed Awakenings invites you to our Latte Art Workshop!"

    3. "Brew like a barista: Tips for the perfect French press coffee"

    4. "Celebrate International Coffee Day with us!"

    5. "Exclusive: Early access to our new seasonal blend!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more automation in email marketing, with AI helping to personalize emails based on individual customer preferences. Imagine sending a personalized email to a customer recommending a new coffee blend based on their past purchases.

Content Marketing

  1. Introduction: Content marketing is all about storytelling. It's how you share the story of Brewed Awakenings, our coffee, and our community. This can be done through engaging blogs, informative videos, and captivating social media posts.

  2. Example: You could write a blog post about the journey of our coffee beans, from the farm to the cup. This not only informs customers about the quality of our coffee, but also helps them feel more connected to our brand.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "From Farm to Cup: The Journey of Our Coffee Beans"

    2. "The Art of Latte Art: A Step-by-Step Guide"

    3. "Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Brewed Awakenings Barista"

    4. "Exploring the World of Coffee: Understanding Different Coffee Varieties"

    5. "Coffee and Community: How Brewed Awakenings Gives Back"

Future Trends: Looking ahead, we might see more interactive content, such as virtual reality experiences that allow customers to virtually visit the coffee farms we source our beans from.

Social Media Promotion

  1. Introduction: Social media is the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth. It's where we engage with our customers, share updates, and showcase the vibrant atmosphere of Brewed Awakenings.

  2. Example: You could post a photo on Instagram of a barista crafting a latte, with a caption that invites customers to come and enjoy our cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Our barista, Emily, crafting the perfect latte. Come and get yours! #BrewedAwakenings"

    2. "It's a beautiful day at Brewed Awakenings. Join us for your coffee fix! #CoffeeTime"

    3. "Sneak peek of our new seasonal blend. Can you guess the flavors? #CoffeeLovers"

    4. "Meet Jack, one of our regulars.His favorite order? The Awakening Blend with a dash of cream. #CustomerSpotlight"

    5. "Did you know? Coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia. #CoffeeFacts"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more live streaming on social media, with baristas hosting live coffee tasting sessions or brewing tutorials.

Website Management

  1. Introduction: Your website is your digital storefront. It's where customers come to learn more about Brewed Awakenings, explore our menu, and maybe even place an order for pickup.

  2. Example: You could regularly update your website with new blog posts, menu updates, and event announcements. You could also optimize it for search engines to attract more visitors.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Check out our latest blog post: 'The Art of Coffee Tasting'"

    2. "New on the menu: The Awakening Blend. Order online for pickup!"

    3. "Join us for our upcoming Latte Art Workshop. Sign up on our website!"

    4. "Meet our team: Learn about our passionate baristas on our 'About Us' page"

    5. "Never miss an update: Sign up for our newsletter on our website"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more websites incorporating AI chatbots to provide instant customer service. Imagine a chatbot that can answer customer queries about our menu, hours, and events in real-time.

Paid Media Campaign

  1. Introduction: Paid media campaigns are like digital billboards. They're how you advertise Brewed Awakenings to potential customers on various online platforms.

  2. Example: You could run a Facebook ad campaign promoting a special discount on your new seasonal blend.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Introducing our new seasonal blend: Get 20% off with code 'AWAKE20'"

    2. "First time ordering online? Enjoy 10% off your first order with code 'WELCOME10'"

    3. "Join our loyalty program and earn points with every purchase. Sign up today!"

    4. "Celebrate our anniversary with us: Free coffee for the first 50 customers!"

    5. "Need a cozy workspace? Enjoy free Wi-Fi and great coffee at Brewed Awakenings!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more personalized advertising, with ads tailored to individual customer preferences and behaviors.

Geo-fencing Campaign

  1. Introduction: Geo-fencing is like a digital lighthouse, guiding nearby customers to Brewed Awakenings. It involves sending targeted messages to customers based on their location.

  2. Example: You could send a push notification to customers who are near Brewed Awakenings, inviting them to stop by for a coffee.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Nearby? Stop by Brewed Awakenings for a fresh cup of coffee!"

    2. "In the area? Enjoy 10% off your order at Brewed Awakenings!"

    3. "Passing by? Try our new seasonal blend at Brewed Awakenings!"

    4. "Close by? Join us for a coffee tasting event at Brewed Awakenings!"

    5. "Just around the corner? Come in and warm up with a hot coffee at Brewed Awakenings!"

Future Trends: In the future, geo-fencing might become more precise, allowing businesses to target customers based on their specific location and behavior


Community Engagement

Community engagement is all about building relationships. It's how Brewed Awakenings becomes more than just a coffee shop - it becomes a part of the community. This involves strategies like referral programs, community building campaigns, and partnership and collaboration campaigns.

Referral Program Campaign

  1. Introduction: A referral program is like a friendship chain - it's how your customers bring their friends to Brewed Awakenings, and those friends bring their friends. It's a great way to grow your customer base organically.

  2. Example: You could offer a free coffee to any customer who refers a friend to Brewed Awakenings.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Refer a friend and get a free coffee at Brewed Awakenings!"

    2. "Share the love of coffee - refer a friend and earn rewards at Brewed Awakenings!"

    3. "Your friend's first coffee is on us when you refer them to Brewed Awakenings!"

    4. "Get a free pastry when you refer a friend to Brewed Awakenings!"

    5. "Earn loyalty points for every friend you refer to Brewed Awakenings!"

Future Trends: In the future, referral programs might become more sophisticated, with businesses offering personalized rewards based on customer preferences.

Community Building Campaign

  1. Introduction: Community building campaigns are how Brewed Awakenings becomes a hub of the community. It's about hosting events and activities that bring people together.

  2. Example: You could host a coffee tasting event at Brewed Awakenings, inviting customers to sample different coffee blends and learn about their unique flavors.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Join us for a coffee tasting event at Brewed Awakenings this Saturday!"

    2. "Celebrate International Coffee Day with us at Brewed Awakenings - free coffee for all customers!"

    3. "Join our latte art workshop at Brewed Awakenings and learn from our expert baristas!"

    4. "Meet the team behind your favorite coffee at our 'Meet the Baristas' event at Brewed Awakenings!"

    5. "Join us for 'Coffee and Conversations' - a community meetup at Brewed Awakenings!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more virtual events, allowing customers to join in from the comfort of their homes.

Partnership and Collaboration Campaign

  1. Introduction: Partnership and collaboration campaigns are about joining forces with other local businesses or organizations. It's a great way to support each other and reach a wider audience.

  2. Example: You could partner with a local bookstore to host a book club meeting at Brewed Awakenings.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Join us for 'Books and Brews' - a book club meeting at Brewed Awakenings in partnership with [Local Bookstore]!"

    2. "Enjoy a special discount at Brewed Awakenings with your receipt from [Local Bookstore]!"

    3. "Join us for a charity event at Brewed Awakenings in support of [Local Charity]!"

    4. "Celebrate [Local Event] with us at Brewed Awakenings!"

    5. "We're proud to serve pastries from [Local Bakery] at Brewed Awakenings!"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more cross-promotion and collaboration between businesses on digital platforms.


Reputation Management & Awareness

Reputation management is about maintaining a positive image of Brewed Awakenings in the public eye. This involves strategies like review management campaigns and PR campaigns.

Review Management Campaign

  1. Introduction: Review management is about encouraging happy customers to share their positive experiences and addressing any negative feedback in a constructive way.

  2. Example: Responding to a negative review on Yelp with an apology and an offer to make things right.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about your experience and would like to make it right."

    2. "We appreciate your positive review! We're glad you enjoyed your visit to Brewed Awakenings."

    3. "Your feedback helps us improve. We'll take your comments into consideration."

    4. "Thank you for your kind words! We look forward to serving you again soon."

    5. "We're sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We strive to provide the best experience for our customers."

Future Trends: In the future, businesses might use AI to help manage reviews, automatically responding to simple feedback and flagging more serious issues for human attention.

PR Campaigns

  1. Introduction: PR campaigns are about spreading the word about Brewed Awakenings and its initiatives. This could involve press releases, media events, or community outreach.

  2. Example: Hosting a charity coffee tasting event and inviting local media to cover it.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Brewed Awakenings Hosts Charity Coffee Tasting Event"

    2. "Local Coffee Shop Brewed Awakenings Launches New Sustainability Initiative"

    3. "Brewed Awakenings Celebrates One Year in Business with Community Event"

    4. "Meet the Team Behind Brewed Awakenings"

    5. "Brewed Awakenings Introduces New Line of Fair Trade Coffees"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more virtual PR events, allowing people to participate from anywhere in the world.



Branding is about creating a unique identity for Brewed Awakenings that sets it apart from other coffee shops. This involves everything from your logo and color scheme to the tone of voice in your communications.

  1. Logo: Your logo should be a visual representation of your coffee shop's personality. Consider a design that incorporates elements of coffee culture, such as a coffee bean or a steaming cup. The logo should be simple, memorable, and versatile enough to be used in various sizes and contexts.

  2. Color Scheme: The color scheme should evoke the warm, inviting atmosphere of your coffee shop. Consider earthy tones like browns and creams, accented with a vibrant color like teal or burgundy for contrast.

  3. Tone of Voice: Your communications should reflect the friendly, welcoming vibe of your coffee shop. Use casual, conversational language in your social media posts, emails, and website copy.

  4. Tagline: A catchy tagline can help reinforce your brand identity. Something like "Brewed Awakenings: Wake Up to Great Coffee" could work well.

Brand Story: Your brand story is a chance to share the passion and values behind your coffee shop. This could include the story of how you sourced your coffee beans, your commitment to sustainability, or the inspiration behind your shop's name.


Tools and Analytics

Marketing Tools

  1. Introduction: Marketing tools are the software and platforms that help you implement and manage your marketing strategies.

  2. Example: Using a social media management tool like Hootsuite to schedule posts and monitor engagement.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Use Hootsuite to manage social media posts and engagement"

    2. "Use Mailchimp to manage email marketing campaigns"

    3. "Use Google Analytics to track website traffic and user behavior"

    4. "Use Canva to create eye-catching graphics for social media and email marketing"

    5. "Use Moz for SEO and online reputation management"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more integrated marketing platforms that combine multiple tools in one, making it easier to manage all aspects of marketing in one place.

Marketing Calendar (full calendar below!)

  1. Introduction: A marketing calendar is a schedule of your marketing activities, helping you plan ahead and ensure that all your campaigns are coordinated.

  2. Example: Planning out a month's worth of social media posts in advance.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Plan social media posts for the next month2. "Schedule email marketing campaigns around key dates and events"

    2. "Coordinate PR campaigns with community events and initiatives"

    3. "Schedule updates and new content for the website"

    4. "Plan out any seasonal or promotional campaigns in advance"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more use of AI in marketing calendars, with algorithms suggesting optimal times for campaigns based on past performance and industry trends.


  1. Introduction: Analytics is about measuring the success of your marketing efforts and using that data to make informed decisions.

  2. Example: Using Google Analytics to see which pages on your website are most popular and where your traffic is coming from.

  3. Ideas:

    1. "Use Google Analytics to track website performance"

    2. "Use social media analytics to see which posts are most engaging"

    3. "Use email marketing analytics to see which emails have the highest open and click-through rates"

    4. "Use customer feedback to inform product development and marketing strategies"

    5. "Use sales data to see which products are most popular and when people are most likely to buy"

Future Trends: In the future, we might see more predictive analytics, with AI helping to predict future trends and customer behavior based on current data.


12-Month Marketing Calendar


  1. Launch referral program

  2. Update website with new blog post

  3. Host a New Year coffee tasting event


  1. Launch Valentine's Day email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Coffee and Chocolate" tasting event

  3. Collaborate with a local florist for a Valentine's Day promotion


  1. Start a "Spring Awakening" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "Spring Coffee Trends"

  3. Host a latte art workshop


  1. Launch an Earth Day email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Coffee and Conservation" community event

  3. Collaborate with a local environmental organization for an Earth Day promotion


  1. Start a "Summer Iced Coffee" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "How to Make the Perfect Iced Coffee"

  3. Host a coffee brewing workshop


  1. Launch a "Summer Solstice" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Summer Coffee Tasting" event

  3. Collaborate with a local ice cream shop for a summer promotion


  1. Start a "Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "The Art of Cold Brew"

  3. Host a "Cold Brew Workshop"


  1. Launch a "Back to School" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Coffee and Study" community event

  3. Collaborate with a local bookstore for a back-to-school promotion


  1. Start a "Fall Coffee Trends" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "The Best Coffee for Fall"

  3. Host a "Fall Coffee Tasting" event


  1. Launch a "Halloween" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Spooky Coffee Art" workshop

  3. Collaborate with a local costume shop for a Halloween promotion


  1. Start a "Thanksgiving Coffee Pairings" social media promotion

  2. Update website with a blog post on "The Best Coffee for Thanksgiving"

  3. Host a "Thanksgiving Coffee Tasting" event


  1. Launch a "Holiday" email marketing campaign

  2. Host a "Holiday Coffee and Cookies" community event

  3. Collaborate with a local bakery for a holiday promotion


Brewed Awakenings is brewing success with its innovative approach to creating a community around the love of coffee. By crafting a welcoming website, engaging in community building campaigns, creating valuable content, utilizing paid media, and leveraging digital tools and apps, Brewed Awakenings can continue to grow its customer base and foster stronger relationships with existing patrons. Armed with a robust blend of strategies and tools, Brewed Awakenings is ready to serve up exceptional coffee experiences while allowing customers to focus on their day, leaving the art of coffee brewing to the experts. So, let's raise a coffee cup to the future of coffee culture and Brewed Awakenings' role in percolating it to perfection!

Josh & Dean are just a call, email, or text away! (610-739-9991) (602-633-4321)

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